Founding Statement

Tose Respite Care Centre was registered as a National Welfare Organization in November 1992, Registration number WO17/92. The present National Headquarters has been functional since June 1998. The Centre has 2 units, a Residential home with a capacity of 50 clients. An outpatient department which can accommodate up to 20 clients per day. The founder members; Desi Page ( Nee Matongo), and the late Tim Page, after months of research discovered that there were tremendous gaps in the care and rehabilitation of people with severe mental and physical disabilities (learning) in Zimbabwe and decided to start this new initiative.

At TOSE, we aim to provide a service of care and relief to people with learning disabilities (PLWDs) and that the services remain a shared responsibility with the families or careers.

We also aim to facilitate the care of people with learning disabilities so that they are given dignity and respect both at TOSE and in their communities.

It is no longer the time where we are supposed to gauge the capabilities or limitations of someone by merely looking at their physical makeup. If we fully support these children here, we will be all amazed of the things they are able to do. It’s high time, we as Zimbabweans do away with those traditional beliefs that associate disability with curses, we should understand that it’s just a way of life.

Stella Faranisi

We appeal to the corporate world & individuals to assist
us in anyway they can, no help is deemed too small!


Our Mission

To provide respite, rehabilitation and consultation services to families and individuals with severe mental and physical disabilities through training, outreach and advocacy programs so as to promote a dignified life at Tose, in the community, nationally and beyond.


To be a leading provider of professional respite, rehabilitation and consultation services to people with severe multiple disabilities through residential care and in the community.


  1. We foster a collective desire to support the healthy development of children and youth.

  2. We respect and embrace the differences that make all members of our society unique.

  3. We conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of the trust and confidence placed in us by the communities we serve.

  4. We build strong partnerships to ensure we have the greatest impact on children and youth possible.

  5. We see in a child that which they cannot see in themselves.

  6. Like a child, we look ahead with imagination and without limits.


Assessment of individuals with disability and also concern families of people with disabilities (PWDs).

To facilitate the care of people with disabilities (PWDs) so that they are given dignity and respect both at Tose and in their communities.

To offer consultation services, rehabilitation and training for all.

To carry out outreach services both at homes and in communities

Organisational Structure // More About Us

  1. Board members - Tose is supervised by a Non-executive Director made up of people from various sectors of the community who offer their expertise and time on voluntary basis.
    Annual General meeting (AGM) are held annually.
    Annual audit are conducted by reputable independent auditors.
    Statutory obligation are made to ZIMRA, NSSA and NEC

  2. The executive team is headed by the Director who is assisted by the Finance Manager and Centre Manager. The rest of the staff complement is made up of a Speech Language Therapist, Rehabilitation Technician, Care Givers and Projects Personnel.

  3. Tose works in liaison with other services in the field of disabilities such as:

    Ministry of Health and Child Care
    Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare
    Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of School Psychological Services
    Rehabilitation Units from Districts To Central Hospitals
    Local Clinics
    Community Based Organization (C.B.Os)
    Other Disability Organizations

  4. Tose is a member of:

    NASCOH (National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped)
    ZNWC (Zimbabwe National Council for Welfare for Children)
    NANGO (National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations)

  5. Members - Anyone can be a member of Tose if can pay member annual subscription determined at Annual General Meeting. Only fully paid up members are allowed to vote at Annual General Meeting.
    Governments’ ministries - Ministry of health and child Care, Ministry of Public service, labour and social welfare, Ministry of education and culture
    Parents or Guardians Of Tose Clients
    Various well-wishers (Donors) - These include well-wishers be they Individuals, local churches, youth groups, corporate and government. Donations in cash and kind, expertise, time, networking skills or other resources. No donation is too small or too big.
    Suppliers of goods and services - Tose has a list of suppliers changed from time to time for different services.
    Customers - These are mainly from produce for income generating projects which are mostly supermarkets, corporates, tuck-shops and individuals.


Meet The TEAM

TOSE is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks. We are here to serve you!

Mrs S. Faranasi The Director
The Director - Mrs S. Faranasi
Mrs A. Kwaramba Home Supervisor
Home Supervisor - Mrs A. Kwaramba
Mr G. Ganha Finance Officer
Finance Officer - Mr G. Ganha
Mr Z. Sibanda Rehabilitation Technician
Rehabilitation Technician
Miss R. Mandizwidza Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Ms E. Tichivangani Care Officer
Care Officer
Ms F. Kaputa Care Officer
Care Officer
Sithokozile Ndhlovu Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist

Want to know more about us?

Tose is a beautiful place complemented with kind and energetic staff who strive to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities.

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